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3 Hectares Feteascã Neagrã (Black Maiden)



Blue Gold Award at Sydney International Wine Competition 2015


Deep, profound, with a strong red colour, like the ruby that gives value to the old family jewellery, this ruby-coloured gem, of such an impressive flavour, blends the fresh fruit scents with the distinguished redolence of the oak barrels. Its refined taste is enriched by light tannins perfectly mixed with the ripe fruit fragrance. A classic, distinguished wine in the true meaning of the word.

To be served with pork or veal meals or at the end of the meal, with special cheese or smoked one.

Serving temperature: 16-18 C degrees

   Varietal Feteascã Neagrã
   Brand Murfatlar
   Style Dry Red
   Size 750mL
   Vintage 2023
   Alcohol By Volume 13.5%
   Product Code MF02FN-1


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