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Alexandrion 5*



The secret of Alexandrion lies in its “heart”, completed by the wine distillate left to mature in oak barrels and safeguarded in the ideal cellar conditions. The Master Blender’s thorough expertise ensures the “heart” is treasured during the blending process and preserves high-quality standards in every drop captivated in the bottle. The result is a smooth, well-balanced blend, made with aged wine distillate and complemented by a secret bouquet of natural extracts, reminiscent of delicate
Mediterranean aromas.
Alexandrion’s 7* refined taste is best enjoyed neat, on ice or warmed to redefine your senses.
Food Pairing
Alexandrion 5* can be the perfect epilogue to any lavish meal and prepare you for dessert. The rich smooth flavour can accompany any creamy or dough based dessert in particular with spices, citrus or red fruits. For chefs and home cooks wanting to add signature taste to their savoury or sweet dishes whilst providing an additional gastronomic experience to their guests they you may use it to marinate your meat (lamb or game) along with your favourite spices, use it in your favourite sauces for steaks, or give an extra scent to your favourite cake or fruit salad with a dash of Alexandrion spirit.


   Varietal Brandy
   Brand Alexandrion
   Style VINARS 5*
   Size 700mL
   Vintage 2015
   Alcohol By Volume 40 %
   Product Code ALAL6VS-6


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