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Arezan Feteasca Neagra


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A spiced wine, live and persistent. The color is deep red, purple. We find aromas of berries, ripe raspberry and cherry character plus delicate white pepper, cloves and marzipan. Taste, we encounter the same red fruit freshness and tannins supple and perfectly integrated into their softness suave notes of vanilla extracts stejar.Potential wood aging: the youth and exuberance delicious now, but will soften very beautiful by keeping careful the glass next 5-7 years. For those willing to wait and appreciate the nuances of brick and mature tannins, is a wine that deserves rated between 10-15 years old.
An excellent wine for dishes of pork, cabbage and stew, smoked lamb, pasta with tomato sauce and mushrooms, vegetables bodied and mature cheeses.

Serving temperature: 16-18 C degrees

   Varietal Feteasca Neagra
   Brand Murfatlar
   Style Dry Red
   Size 750mL
   Vintage 2014
   Alcohol By Volume 13%
   Product Code MF01FN-5


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