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Brandy Apricot Liqueur Caisatã



Apricot Bran is a remarkable, sweet flavor, specific to the fruit, packed in a frosted glass bottle of elegant design. Glass is wrapped in a velvet sack and can be an exciting gift for those who prefer traditional beverages. Potato Bran Bran is certified by the Ministry of Agriculture as a traditional Romanian product. Originally from Satu Mare, the assortment is appreciated by connoisseurs from all corners of the country, is a prestigious national product.

Aromatic profile: Conquer odor and sweet taste of ripe apricots in the sunshine.

Color: Yellow gold.

   Varietal Brandy Apricot Liqueur   Caisatã
   Brand Bran Romania
   Style Brandy Liqueur
   Size 750mL
   Vintage 2013
   Alcohol By Volume 30.0%
   Product Code BR02AL-3

if you would like to avoid the delivery freight you have the option to select “Pick up from store”:

  • Point of sale in Perth:              Carpathian food Pty Ltd @Jonny Bey Espresso Bar & Euro Deli, U5 / 207 Jones Street, Balcatta, 6021   Contact:  0402 841 482
  • Point of sale in Melbourne:      Cafe Transylvania restaurant,  4 Spring Square, Hallam VIC 3803                                                             Contact:  0432 162 907
  • Point of sale in Brisbane:         Unire Brisbane Club, 4 Ponderosa Street, Hillcrest, QLD, 4118                                                                  Contact:  0411 787 933
  • Warehouse in Sydney:            Unit 6 / 17 George Young Street, Auburn/Regents Park, 2144,                                                                   Contact:  0410 933 923


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