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Byzantium – Feteascã Neagrã (Black Maiden)



The Byzantine Empire era is known for its opulence, artistic complexity, perseverance, glory and sense of mystery. The “Byzantium” range embodies the extraordinary nuances of the flourishing Empire that will utterly conquer and ennoble you by authenticating the nod to wine appreciation of the historical saying that “Byzantium conquers all with its wine.
Dealu Mare Region (or Big Hill) lies on the 45° parallel, sharing the same latitude with Bordeaux and Piemonte areas; it is the most compact wine region in Romania where the grapes enjoy the perfect combination of warm days and cool nights.
The typical warm, dry microclimate and the rather long autumns favour a slow and thorough ripening of the grapes. There is a long vegetation time of 210-240 days with a maximum humidity of 55-80%. The soil here is chernozems and clay, strewn with marine fossils.
The elegant Byzantium wines are originated in this exceptional region, having the Protected designation of origin Dealu Mare.
“Byzantium Rosso” embodies the “opulence” of the Byzantine era with a robust and complex structure. Deep ruby red in colour, the wine reveals intense aromas of ripe forest fruits and black plums deriving from the indigenous variety of Feteascã Neagrã (Black Maiden), as well as red and black pepper deriving from the Shiraz. The aromas are well integrated with vanilla and chocolate notes and refined oak-wood. The finish is prolonged with crisp mint and violet notes structured by the Cabernet Franc.
Food pairing:
This well balanced red wine is the ideal companion to roast beef and chicken, stew and lamb. Its versatility delights your senses in any venison combination.
Serving temperature 16-18 ° Celsius.
   Varietal Feteascã Neagrã (Black Maiden), Shiraz, Cabernet Franc
   Brand The Iconic Estate
   Style Medium Dry Red
   Size 750 ml
   Vintage 2018
   Alcohol By Volume 14.0%
   Product Code ICS-ByzFN-01


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