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Castel – Gewurztraminer


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The collection of wines from the special reserves of Jidvei reveals a charming treasure, a priceless work which is silently, mysteriosly, accomplished by Time, in the cellars of the old medieval castle from Cetatea de Balta: Castel Jidvei. For the preparation of these wines,  the best grapes of exceptional quality vintages are selected and processed by means of pneumatic presses, collecting only the free run grape juice, obtained exclusively by crushing, without pressing. The wine is preserved in barrels, for a 3 to 6 months  maturation. Then it is immediately bottled in order to preserve its freshness, sweetness and nobleness. The bottles, sealed with a cork of the highest quality and waxed to provide total sealing, are left for ageing at least 3 years

A very sophisticated wine, with a strong personality, unctuous, having an exquisite elegance, the golden yellow color gives it distinction, weight and noblesse  and the taste mixture of roses and spices  brings fulfillment.


Serving temperature: 8 -10 C degrees Serve slightly chilled, with salad fish and white meat dishes

   Varietal Traminer
   Brand Jidvei
   Style Dry
   Size 750mL
   Vintage 2015
   Alcohol By Volume 12.0%
   Product Code JD02TR-1


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