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Castel – Muscat Ottonel


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In the cellars of the old medieval castle at the Fortress of Balta, the time has worked unceasingly to complete one of Jidvei’s valuable works, the delicious Castel wines. Of the best grapes, selected from the years of exceptional harvest, only the purely obtained must have been collected. The ravenous must is left to ferment, to turn into the long-awaited wine.
Stored for six months in oak wood barrels to make the wine flavor perfectly contoured, it is bottled in bottles to maintain freshness, fruity and variety. The bottles closed with the best quality cork and waxed to ensure perfect sealing, are left out of shape for a period of at least 3 years.
Whether you choose Feteasca White, with its specific aroma and harmonious bouquet, the sophisticated Gewurztraminer with a strong personality and an amalgam of oriental roses and spices, Muscat Ottonel, also called the “King of the Tears” or Sauvignon Blanc who delights you with a complex aging bouquet, satisfaction will be as expected.

Serving temperature: 8 -10 C degrees Serve slightly chilled, with salad fish and white meat dishes

   Varietal Muscat Ottonel
   Brand Jidvei
   Style Dry
   Size 750mL
   Vintage 2015
   Alcohol By Volume 12.0%
   Product Code JD02MO-1


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