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Grigorescu – Gewurztraminer


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A very sophisticated wine, with a strong personality, unctuous, having an exquisite elegance, the golden yellow color gives it distinction, weight and noblesse and the taste mixture of roses and spices bring fulfillment. The historical cargo, the purity and the simplicity of the paintings of Nicolae Grigorescu, the Romanian painter representative of the Romanian art, reign over the Jidvei wine cellars, translating into the white and rosary varieties of white wine.

The soul of the Romanian people, which Grigorescu exemplifies in his paintings, is found in the energy, delicacy and velvety perfume of the Jidvei wines.
The noble aromas are charming you from the first ceiling that rolls in the glass, and the paintings of the great Romanian artist, reproduced on the labels of wine bottles, carry you in another world. You can choose now Gewurztraminer, a white wine from aromatic varieties, you can turn your attention to rosé wine, a complex wine with flavors that are absorbed in the taste symphony. Whatever your desire, you will undoubtedly be worn in the art universe.


Serving temperature: 8 -10 C degrees Serve slightly chilled, with salad fish and white meat dishes

   Varietal Traminer
   Brand Jidvei
   Style Semi- Dry
   Size 750mL
   Vintage 2015
   Alcohol By Volume 13.0%
   Product Code JD02TR-2


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