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Kreskova vodka 500ml



KRESKOVA vodka offers a perfect experience through its taste and design. Bottled in a contemporary design with a modern approach, Kreskova has a fine and elegant flavour, resulting from the five-stage distillation process.
Ultra-pure water and neutral grain alcohol are the main components of Kreskova’s unique taste. Kreskova is bottled at 40% ABV, aimed at adult consumers of all ages and gender who follow an active lifestyle and pay more attention to quality and taste.

With a crystal clear appearance, aromas and tastes are look fairly neutral, with faint leather, caramel and vanilla and it ends up with moderate white paper spirituous spice


   Varietal Vodka
   Brand Kreskova
   Style Vodka
   Size 500mL
   Vintage 2018
   Alcohol By Volume 40 %
   Product Code ALKK11VK-11


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