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Leat 6500 The Origin


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Inspiration for over 2,000 years. Perhaps that’s why today manages to harmonize with the sacred craft, innovation and tradition.

Leat 6500 collection passes through local custom filter notorious wine varieties from around the world. E collection in which past meets the present to make a step forward.

The colour is deep red, purple, with hints of maturity. Aromatic wine offers shades of berries, spices and sweet chocolate mint.

From the Tasting perpective, we experience a pleasant sensation freshness and flavour of blackberries, ripe cherries and berries, beautifully combined with vanilla notes and cinnamon from the barrel of Romanian oak.

A generous and full-bodied wine with soft tannins and fine.

Serving temperature: 16-18 C degrees

   Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon 60% &  Merlot 40%
   Brand Murfatlar
   Style Dry Red
   Size 750mL
   Vintage 2012 & 2014
   Alcohol By Volume 13%
   Product Code MF02CSM-1


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