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NEC Sauvignon Blanc


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Nothing further beyond!, the Latin expression Nec Plus Ultra was used as a warning to the sailors and navigators entering the Straits Of Gibraltar to go no further because they’ve reach the end of the world, in our days it is used to mark a state of the art achievement, something that can not be surpassed.
By carefully choosing the terroir that suits each type of vine and a closely watched wine making process, the Nec Plus Ultra wines want to be a quality standard for defining the grape variety character.


Serving temperature: 8 -10 C degrees Serve slightly chilled, with salad fish and white meat dishes

   Varietal Sauvignon Blanc
   Brand Jidvei
   Style Semi Dry
   Size 750mL
   Vintage 2015
   Alcohol By Volume 13.0 %
   Product Code JD02SB-3


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