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Princiar Feteascã Neagrã (Black Maiden)


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The wine of Princiar is the most honest expression of the Romanian grape varietals located in the best geographical area of Romania for red wines.

The Princiar bring notes of joy and pleasure in the glass through or floral aromas, through corpulence or freshness. This wine is a noble wine, born from the ingenuity of Tohani’s winemakers and sommeliers in order to recreate the charm of old-time feasts.

Late grapes, at an advanced ripening level, give the wine consistency, and the rich range of flavors reveals notes of dried plums, to which is added a slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate

Serving temperature: 14 -18 C degrees   Culinary associations: matured cheeses or cheeses, a dessert based on dark chocolate.    Could be served slightly, with steaks and grills


   Varietal Feteasca Neagra –    Black Maiden
   Brand Tohani
   Style Red Dry
   Size 750mL
   Vintage 2016
   Alcohol By Volume 13.5%
   Product Code TR01FN-1

If you would like to avoid the delivery freight you have the option to select “Pick up from store” for a minimum combination of 6 varietals :

  • Point of sale in Perth:              Carpathian food Pty Ltd @Jonny Bey Espresso Bar & Euro Deli, U5 / 207 Jones Street, Balcatta, 6021   Contact:  0402 841 482
  • Point of sale in Melbourne:      Cafe Transylvania restaurant,  4 Spring Square, Hallam VIC 3803                                                             Contact:  0432 162 907
  • Point of sale in Brisbane:         Unire Brisbane Club, 4 Ponderosa Street, Hillcrest, QLD, 4118                                                                  Contact:  0411 787 933
  • Warehouse in Sydney:            Unit 6 / 17 George Young Street, Auburn/Regents Park, 2144,                                                                   Contact:  0410 933 923

To get the benefit of the free delivery fee, you need to purchase online and pick up from the location mentioned above, otherwise you may have to pay a different price.


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