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Timisoreana‘s story started almost 300 years ago with the first brewery in Romania. Since then, the tradition of the well-done things, as well as the values which passed the test of time, are kept. Prepared after a traditional recipeTimisoreana brings the beer masters’ art into the contemporary lifestyle. Timisoreana‘s skilled brewers are investing their attention and passion in making the beer, creating an “…exceptional beer, with a balanced taste, with a flavor and taste that perfectly correspond to its category, having excellent technical attributes”, as Peter Manders, the president of the jury, said at the “Australian International Beer Awards”.

Delivery freight is $40 for a case of 24 units. You need to select the shipping option “Per item”

  • Point of sale in Melbourne:      Cafe Transylvania restaurant,  4 Spring Square, Hallam VIC 3803                                                             Contact:  0432 162 907
  • Warehouse in Sydney:            Unit 6 / 17 George Young Street, Auburn/Regents Park, 2144,                                                                   Contact:  0410 933 923

To get the benefit of the free delivery fee, you need to purchase online and pick it up from the location mentioned above, otherwise, you may have to pay a different price.


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