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The history of URSUS is linked to the events that occurred during the time in Cluj. According to the information that we found in the National Archives, a brewery was established in the city, at the beginning of the XVIII century. The Jesuit monks established in Manastur, put together a beer house (Hungarian translation: Sorhaz), used by intermediates who rented it. It was a very usual practice for that time, other bishops of the country also owned several breweries. The Jesuit monks were expelled in 1773 and the Romanian-Catholic representatives have taken over the monk’s domains in Manastur, including the brewery.

Ursus, King of Beer in Romania, was born in Cluj in 1878. Ursus is a life-filled beer with a dazzling character that rewards those who live their lives in the spirit of liberty and adventure. Its unmistakable taste, freshly refreshing and slightly bitter, awakens your senses and lust for life. The recipe is based on 2 types of malt and 100% hops.

Ursus has something of the spirit of the Romanian Bear – strong, courageous and adventurous. At Ursus, we believe we are stronger, braver and more amiable together. Thus, any challenge often turns into legendary fun, which will strengthen our friendship. That’s why we are convinced that it deserves the effort to keep the gang united.


Please be aware that the order of beer is honoured together with wine orders and  delivery cost for QLD, VIC, ACT, and SA, is $29 for one pack of 24 Bottles


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